…even if it seems like it is. Sometimes manufacturers cut corners when making pre-built computers. As a consumer, you might not be getting equipment that puts the parts that you have on your computer to function at a proper capacity. This doesn’t mean you need to throw the whole thing out-just bring it to us to salvage the best parts and house them in a case that cares for them, keeps them cool and clean and makes sure they perform well and last for as long as they can,



When you remaster a computer, we pick apart the components of your old computer that still work, we stress-test them to ensure they’re performing correctly, and then design a build around them. The construction follows our standards and guidelines for our own Bandi Tech signature builds. These guidelines mean we make a system that will run steadfastly with you into the future.

Most importantly: It’s meant to be durable. Our remasters are made to last a long, long time. When the time comes to upgrade, you will have a system that will easily accept any new parts you might want to switch to later on.

Best of all, all the bloatware from that pre-built PC? Gone. With a fresh install of the OS, your remastered PC is programmed to run like it’s new. Think of it as upgrading your old computer into a full-blown, powerful Bandi Tech Signature PC. The RGB lighting is on the house.