1. Yearly Value - The represented amount is a value which is calculated from last year customer's average spending on said cost.
  2. Silver - The default plan when no other plan is purchased. After 3rd month and between 12th month, labor will be charged normally.
  3. Gold - Our most popular plan. Can only be purchased with new PCs and remasters.
  4. Platinum - Can only be purchased after purchasing a package for password management, email management and other PC optimizations. Consult Manager
  5. Will fix password locking out of operating system. Does not work with all versions of windows.
  6. Only repairs are included, new labors will be charged. Ex. You now want to install a RAID drive configuration and you didn't have one before.
  7. If damage is determined to be caused by user, Bandi Tech will charge diagnostics fee to customer afterwards.
  8. If you purchase another PC and would like to add it to your extisting warranty plan, you will get said discount.
  9. Get a boost on your trade-ins when you are Gold or Plantinum subscriber! New parts purchased will get 3 years of warranty!
  10. When your 3rd year with the Lifetime warranty comes to an end, you may chose to trade in all part, buy new parts for the difference and have Bandi Tech rebuild you PC again for Free! Adds 3 more years of warranty for you.
  11. At any time, you may trade-in or upgrade these parts with no additional service fee. Just pay for the part.
  12. Antivirus is Emsisoft.
  13. Not all apps are automatically updated. This does to refer to automatic Windows updates.
  14. No more ads. Not even on YouTube!
  15. A path towards solving said problem will be presented in 24-48 hours. This DOES NOT guarantee problem will be solved in said time.
  16. Sales rep will determine which gift
  17. Quick dusting with only electric blower. A more detailed cleaning will be at a additional cost.
  18. Help with navigating on the internet and on emails.
  19. Help in keeping a password database up to date.
  20. Additional hours at $90
  21. If you bought an app that we didn't install, we could help you troubleshoot it