1.  Why aren't Bandi Tech systems sold at retail stores?

Every system we build is custom made for each of our clients.  When you
purchase a Bandi Tech system, it was literally built from the ground up
using only the parts you need.  And building starts when you order,
with the latest technology, instead of being built months ahead of time
and shipped to sit on a retail shelf.

2. Why don't we have 24 hour technical service?

While "24 hour technical support" sounds like a wonderful thing, in reality it isn't.  What kind of highly qualified technician has to work the 3 a.m. shift?  We believe in quality service over quantity, so we staff our tech support lines with only senior technicians.  We don't waste your time on hold or insult your intelligence by staffing our tech support with trained parrots who work nights.

3. Why does it take a couple of weeks to have a Signature PC built?

Every customer's order is different, and we handle many, many special requests.  Even our paintwork is custom picked by you when you order. Our systems are also built the old fashioned way: one at a time by highly skilled technicians.  We don't build our systems on assembly lines and test one out of ten for failures -- each one is hand assembled, tweaked, tested and re-tested to be the best PCs ever made.  This kind of testing takes much more time than setting PCs up for "slow and safe" and shipping them quickly, but our results speak for themselves.

4. Can I buy PC components from you?

We do sell parts to existing customers, but we're systems integrators, not distributors.  We enjoy building components into systems that are more than the sum of their parts.  Frankly if you're just looking for someone to pass along a part in a box to you at a great price with no support, there are lots of vendors doing that.  Of course, we'll always supply maintenance parts and upgrades to our customers, but we're all about building systems here.

5. Why not build a PC myself?

If you're skilled at building your own computers, then you may not need our services.  But even auto hobbyists go to the car dealership sometimes. Many of our clients have built their own systems in the past, but got tired of the constant upkeep, hardware conflicts, and lack of warranty and technical support. Remember, this isn't just a weekend project or a hobby for us. We have hand-built many computers with a vast variety of parts and configurations. We know what works and what doesn't, and we know how to squeeze every last little bit of performance out of our hardware - stably. One of the most satisfying types of feedback we get is when a customer of ours who has built their own PCs in the past tells us that we put more care and attention to detail into our builds than they had on their own builds.

6. Why do Bandi Tech systems cost more than PCs from other companies?

If you're looking for cheap PCs built on assembly lines in China and supported from a call center in another country, you have a lot of PC makers to choose from.  Bandi Tech systems are an alternative for those looking for something better.  Our custom designed Signature PCs cost more.  The components we use cost more. Highly trained staff costs more. Hand-building by skilled technicians instead of using assembly line production costs more.  Keeping jobs here costs more. Exceptional customer service costs more.  If you value what we value: quality, expertise, support and service, you'll find we're very competitively priced.