We at Bandi Tech know technology.  Any make and model PC, we can fix it or upgrade it. We respect your equipment as if it were our own.  To us, technology is like fine art.  Nobody loves it more than we do.  We pledge to pamper it and give it the white glove treatment every time.   We're geeks, but we won't talk over your head.  

  When we work with you, we'll walk you through the process so you can do the little things to keep your technology running smoothly.  We provide expert services at a competitive price.  Superhuman brain power has its price too, but we promise to be reasonable and fair.  In fact, if you're not satisfied, we're determined to make it right. 



Business and Government


Repairs and Optimization


Personalized Computers

For PCs in the business and government fields, one thing reigns supreme: reliability.  Even if you have the most powerful computer in the world, it means nothing if it isn't working properly.  When you look at the cost of IT services and downtime, reliability becomes a very tangible need.  Recognizing this has brought Bandi Tech to develop unparalleled methods of ensuring that our systems are the most solid PCs available today.  We understand the costs of downtime, and a passion for building reliable PCs is at our core.  


It can be frustrating to have your PCs not working as intended.  Lucky for you, Bandi Tech also has you covered here.  Whether it involves replacing bad RAM, a malfunctioning motherboard or a cracked screen, we service most PCs regardless of when and where it was purchased.  Other services include data recovery, backup, and/or transfer, hardware install and repair, operating system install, software install and setup, virus and spyware removal, and many more.

Bandi Tech provides a wide range of options for your every computing need. Whether you need a large, expandable tower capable of running various drives, or a tiny powerhouse for use in limited spaces, we've got what you need.  Each of our PCs are highly customizable with many internal component options.  Some of the PC solutions we provide are:

  • Home and Office PCs

  • High Performance PCs

  • Ultra Compact Mini-ITX PCs

  • Laptops

  • Bandi Tech Signature PCs