Carlos J. Cobian

Carlos Cobian - Computer Programmer

Carlos Cobian - Computer Programmer


-Colegio San Ignacio De Loyola

-Iowa State University (Computer Engineering)

-Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (Current-Computer Engineering)


Currently at Bandi Tech:

-Social Media Content Creator

-Developer/Programmer(Java, C, C#, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Python, Verilog)

-Signature PC Builder

Life outside Bandi Tech:

-Mixing music, Numark Mixdeck, Pioneer DDJ SX2, Novation Launchpad

-Gaming(FPS, RPG, Strategy)

-Programming LED's and IOT

-Learning new coding languages


-EDM Festivals

-Tae-Kwon-Do 2nd Dan


Current PC Specs(Scrapyard Construct):

-Intel i5 4670k, H55 Water Cooling


-16GB DDR3 ram 2400 Mhz

-3 SSD's: 500GB, 256GB, 60GB

-2 HDD's: 2TB, 1TB

-Custom code LED Array

-Z87 Asrock extreme4 Motherboard

-Custom paint job case

-2k Ultrawide 34' display & two 23' 1080p monitors


What games do you play:

-Call of Duty




-Excape from Tarkov


Tips and recommendations:

-don't forget to insert shrink wrap sleeves before soldering cables

-eat your vegetables and don't do drugs