Paul Bangdiwala

President & Owner of Bandi Tech LLC - Master Technician

President & Owner of Bandi Tech LLC - Master Technician

Before Bandi Tech:

I worked at different places before starting Bandi Tech.  I worked for 1 year in Kmart and a couple of months in GameStop.  During that time, I was also involved in various multilevel jobs were very unsuccessful for me.  All of this was before graduating from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.

Bandi Tech actually began thanks to our head technician, Andres, about 9 years ago when he asked me to build him a computer.  At the time, I had never assembled a computer from scratch.  I had only helped my friends and family with their general computer problems but never something like this.  So I was very excited for the opportunity.  After I finished it, it lit a spark in me that made me continue fixing and building computers as a sort of hobby.  People kept asking me why I didn't have my own offices instead of the small shop I had at my house.  So I thought to myself like someone had told me in the past, if you love what you're working with, you're not really working, and that's how I felt about what I was doing.  That's when I opened my own offices and Bandi Tech was born.

Currently at Bandi Tech:

I am currently the President and Owner of Bandi Tech LLC.  That's my official title but I do many other things in Bandi Tech like marketing, tech support, customer service, and I still repair and build computers.  When I first began Bandi Tech, I had to do everything.  Now I have my own team that helps me with the day-to-day task of running the company.  I basically oversee that every job gets done at Bandi Tech.


Life outside Bandi Tech:

I'm usually spending time with my wife, friends, and family.  I like to go outdoors, travel in and out of the island to other countries, and go dining with my wife.  Other than that, I'll just spend time watching anime, playing video games, binge watch my favorite shows, and watch movies.


  Your first PC:

The first computer I used at my house what my dad's.  It was an AMD base CPU 286MHz, it had about 64KB of RAM and a 400MB Hard Drive.  It ran on DOS and I used to play Commander Keen and Duke Nukem on it.  The first computer I owned for myself was during college.  It had about 1GB of RAM, 250GB hard drive, Intel Core 2 Duo, with Windows XP.  It weight a ridiculous 15 pounds but back then that was normal.  It was mostly used for browsing the internet and doing school work on it.


Tips and Recommendations:

Clean your computers! Every once in a while, use a dust blower and clear any excess dust in your PC.  And when in doubt, always restart.