Kimberly Wolf

Kimberly Wolf - Social Media Content Creator

Before Bandi Tech

     I was a simple PC user, basically using my computer for school work and social media.  This one day, Paul, my brother-in-law,  took my old desktop to fix all the viruses it had.  A few days later, he gave me my very own Bandi Tech Signature PC.  I was so excited, my PC looked awesome and it ran perfectly.  Having such a great PC, I grew interested in the subject and wanted to learn more about Bandi Tech and building a Signature PC.  

     Having Paul, the founder of Bandi Tech and my brother-in-law, as my boss has its perks.  He saw my interests in the PC world and asked me to be his youngest intern.  Little by little I learned the basics on building a Signature PC and digital photography.  Since I use social media on a daily basis and liked to watch Bandi Tech perform their daily routine, I was given the task of managing Bandi Tech's media content such as photos, videos, blogs, and more.  Thanks to this, I am looking to further my photography skills and plan to take professional photography and digital image processing courses in the future.  It's a lot of fun working here and I'm happy this is my first job at a company!


Currently at Bandi Tech: Social Media Content Creator

     I manage and edit the photos and videos we create at Bandi Tech and post them on our social media pages.  I am still an apprentice but I'm also learning to build and design Signature PCs.  Even though PC building is pretty straight forward, I'm being taught to properly build, cable manage, install, configure, and design them to Bandi Tech's standards.  I'm also learning to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to take my photo editing skills even further.

Life outside Bandi Tech

     Thanks to the many fans I've encountered at Bandi Tech events, I decided to create my very own Facebook page where I blog about everyday things at Bandi Tech and other personal projects.  I also like to watch anime and read manga, talk to long distance friends and play games with them online, listen to music like rock and Kpop, practice my drawing skills, and playing my clarinet are some of my hobbies.



Your first PC:

     I had a very ugly custom PC that was black and gray.  It had an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6Ghz, 2GB RAM, and 250GB HDD, on a Foxconn LGA 755 motherboard.  I only used it to play flash games and go online.


What games do you play:

     My first PC game was Spiderman 2.  Minecraft has been the game I've played most of the time.  I've also played Sims 3, Attack on Titan, Hetalia RPGs, Card vs Humanity Online, and few more.


Tips and recommendations:

     Always discharge yourself before touching any computers.  Static shocks are not cool...

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